Women’s Health

FemiLift Procedure

During the aging process, the vaginal tissue looses collagen and elasticity. This loss of elasticity is further compounded by childbirth. This can cause the tone of the pelvic floor muscles to decrease leading to vaginal prolapse and sometimes urinary incontinence especially on coughing, sneezing or laughing. Most women are too embarrassed to discuss these symptoms with their doctors and suffer in silence.

There is now a revolutionary new treatment which uses a laser inside the vagina which stimulates collagen growth and hence tightens vaginal tissues. It is called FemiLift. It uses the same Pixel CO2 laser that has been used successfully on the face for rejuvenation. This procedure is currently provided at our Franklin facility only in Cool Springs [Read more about the FemiLift Procedure]


The HCG Diet

HCG appears to act on the hypothalamus, signaling the body to release stored fat into the bloodstream where it is then available to be used by the cells for nourishment. This alone will not cause weight loss, unless you reduce your food intake to around 500 calories per day. This forces the body to use the mobilized fat from the bloodstream. HCG causes the release of abnormal fat without affecting structural fat and muscle tissue. Which means you lose in those stubborn areas–hips, thighs, buttocks and upper arms! [Read more on the HCG diet]


Urgent Care

Little things, like a skinned knee, can be treated at home. Life-threatening conditions, like chest pains, require a trip to the ER. For everything in between, there’s urgent care. Urgent care offers treatment to patients of all ages for injury and issues like allergies, cuts requiring stitches and more, providing you a one-stop option for unscheduled, time-sensitive care.  We don’t take insurance, but don’t fear, we offer a flat fee to see our Nurse Practitioner. [Read more on Urgent Care]