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A few days after my first visit to Dawn at Skinsation, I did the Opry (Grand Ole Opry) & Valorie Cole (professional make-up artist) said, “ What have you done to your skin? It looks wonderful”! Well, that certainly made me feel special both inside and out ... and it said a lot for Dawn! I’ve been seeing Dawn for some time now and I feel younger because I look younger. When you know you’re doing what you’re supposed to be doing, that gives you a higher level of self-confidence. But to reach that higher level, you’ve got to trust the person (or people) helping you get there. I’ve had many compliments on my skin and now when anybody asks me about what I do to my skin, I just refer to the “Dawn Dishwashing Liquid” TV commercial. They say, “ Let Dawn do it for you”... I say, “Let Dawn Sears do it for you”!

- Jeannie Seely